Panda Bear (Metaphorical)

Because I do theater, I accept that people will watch me. That’s actually the goal – to get an audience. But I also am used to my day to day activities going unnoticed. It’s not the case here. Here, everything I do in public is observed obviously. People stare at me when I walk down […]


Here comes the…

Oh my God – the sun is out today!! It’s been almost two weeks of grey skies. The last time I saw the sun was when I visited Chengdu. I can’t believe how goofily happy I am. So I did what anyone does on a beautiful, bird-filled sunny day – I played video games. Just […]

Improving Area Knowledge

Went walking in Wenjiang. There was a leather store I wanted to see if I could find, based on my memories of the drive a couple of days prior. And a gate – I bet that the gate would lead somewhere cool.I haven’t really been walking around much in my immediate area. I found the […]