I’m Jean – and you are trying to find out more about me. As though my blog wasn’t giving you a enough of a glimpse at my inner monologue.

About me, then:

If you play D&D, I’m like the Bard. I have a lot of skill points spread out over many different skills. I also am great at improvisational rhyming and singing.

If you don’t play D&D – I’m like Lara Croft, except with Ruebenesque figure


Some facts:
I was born in Indiana. I do not live there anymore.
I have a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago – and I do take pride in it.
I’ve been a puppet, a poet, a pirate, a pawn, and a king. Or a puppeteer and a queen, respectively.
I’ve circumnavigated the world in the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere remains elusive.

When I started this blog, I had taken a job in China (or more accurately my parent thought I was failing at being a success and so volunteered me to take a job in China). From there I lived in Las Vegas, then moved to Chicago. After slowly dying in a white collar sweatshop for a few months, I grabbed at a teaching job in Japan. I was there until two years ago, when after almost twenty years of effort I got into the U.S. State Department. Now I work in West Africa, and after this I will go to Belgium.

Here I can talk about whatever I feel comfortable having strangers see! Having said that, I apologize if I offend you. It’s probably not my intention to hurt or offend. I normally announce such things ahead of time. If I say something with which you take issue, by all means leave me a comment. Just don’t swear, be obscene, or use my theoretical mistakes in grammar to attack me. Actually, don’t attack my grammar – we all make mistakes. Just point it out, and I’ll fix it.

If any of this interests you, read on!


Also, I kept a dream journal here, way back when. I still dream, but I forgot about writing them down…




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