I’m Jean – and you are trying to find out more about me. As though my blog wasn’t giving you a enough of a glimpse at my inner monologue.

About me, then:

If you play D&D, I’m like the Bard. I have a lot of skill points spread out over many different skills. I also am great at improvisational rhyming and singing.

If you don’t play D&D – well, why not? What’s wrong with playing a game with stories? That’s ok, I’m a PlayStation girl myself, so I can translate to your 1080 world.


Some facts:
I was born in Indiana.
I have a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago – and I do take pride in it.
I’ve been a puppet, a poet, a pirate, a pawn, and a king. Or a puppeteer and a queen, respectively.
I’ve circumnavigated the world in bits and pieces.
I keep a dream journal here, if you’re curious about my subconscious mind.

And I have all the normal worries of 30 year old women, coupled with nerd fears of superbugs and zombies (though they might be related).


If you are here to read my blog, thank you! I am in China now, and I want to share my experiences. Everyday life can be quite a story, or at least a teaching experience. And the internet is a great place to talk about oneself, right? Here I can talk about whatever I feel comfortable having strangers see! Having said that, I apologize if I offend you. It’s probably not my intention to hurt or offend. I normally announce such things ahead of time. If I say something with which you take issue, by all means leave me a comment. Just don’t swear, be obscene, or use my theoretical mistakes in grammar to attack me. Actually, don’t attack my grammar – we all make mistakes. Just point it out, and I’ll fix it.


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