A Tour and the Shanghai Skyline

Since I knew nothing about Shanghai, I decided to take a day tour around the city and see the sights. Though I believe in wandering about on your own, and I advocate discovery through exploration, I am not against taking a tour. Tours are wonderful tools for a traveler. I only had one full day […]

A Small Treatise on Tourist Shopping

Here are some of my thoughts on street vendor shopping – particularly in tourist areas: – Don’t be afraid to skip a store. In super touristy areas there will be similar goods in most stores, so you can get a feel for the area without feeling obligated to stop. If you really miss a store, […]

Just a Hint of Blood Rage…

(I swear in this post – be advised) In an effort to not turn into a total pudge-pot while here , I have been walking around the track at the school. My school has a really nice quarter-mile track, so walking 5K every other day, or making a laughable attempt at running it, is an […]

When I met you I was but the Learner…

Happy Star Wars Day! Now, an unrelated story about teaching and learning: It’s a three day weekend, and I am being very, very lazy. I mean, I went running two days ago, and yesterday I wrote five decidedly decent pages of book while sitting at a tea house for four hours, but otherwise it’s been […]

Those 1000 words

One thousand words for one picture. Let me describe my afternoon tea. The platform zig-zags, so there are many corners to choose. I pick one which overlooks the water, and I sit so that I in front of me is a sheet of new green leaves overhanging from the tarp above me. It’s better to […]