Dime in a Dumpling

And now dumplings. I am eager, in my last days here, to learn cooking. I mention as much to the teachers, and suddenly Wednesday turns into a cooking class. I was typing, working (of a fashion – I mean as we get to the end there is less and less which needs to be done), […]

Tea Ceremony Part I : See one…

The English language teachers, having realized that my door is always unlocked, that I am in the office about fourteen hours a day, and that I am by myself for about twelve of them, have decided that it is time for me, as I near the end of my trial stay, to learn all about […]

Pop a Squat

I feel it is time to finally address Chinese bathrooms. Now, in America we have toilets that resemble chairs – thrones, as they’re called. Among other things. In China, there are some chair-like toilets. They are primarily for the handicapped. The rest of us get squat toilets. This is a nice squat toilet, in the […]

Can’t (?) Stop the Signal

It has come to my attention that my posts have not actually been posted as of late. Checking my dashboard, I confirmed that while I’m hitting “Publish,” the connectivity issue appears to be conflicting with the actual publishing of my posts. I’ll start republishing them. Sorry for the big gap.