Rules of Gion

No smoking No eating or drinking No littering No selfies And most important: NO BOTHERING THE GEISHAS   I didn’t see a single Geisha, by day or by night. I finagled B. to go the Gion district twice because I really hoped to see a Geisha. No such luck – but I did see this […]

Kyoto: Nara and Inari

Oh, my feet are bleeding tonight. I have a blister on my heel that makes me want to weep a little. It’s all Inari-sama’s fault, but I’ll get to that. We left early in the morning to go to Nara. As I mentioned, I was in Japan because I wanted to help a friend complete […]

Kyoto: Bamboo and Samurai

Note: This is retrospective, as I’ve been back for a little while. It will flip-flop on tenses, so please be patient. I woke with the sun full on my face – our AirBnB apartment has windows that face full east. It was a glorious, golden morning – though chilly at the end of March. My […]