Western Welcome

I found the consulate in Chengdu during my weekend. I used the metro (huzzah!) but I got off too early and still wound up walking quite a ways. The consulate was closed (it was Sunday), but I got the information I needed to register. Nothing like seeing a wall ringed in thick barbed wire to […]


Food! Glorious Food!

I’ve been warned about street vendors and food stalls – they’re not as hygienic. I respect that, but I also think that food stalls make some of the tastiest food ever. In Chengdu, I went to JinLi “alley” next to Wuhou temple, which was filled with food vendors and trinket shops. Oh, the food! The […]

The Beauty of Getting Lost

Over this past weekend, I have to and wanted to visit Chengdu. I have to visit Chengdu because I need to drop my laptop of to be repaired. I wanted to visit Chengdu because it’s the metropolis near the town where I work. It’s got temples and such, and I want to do some sightseeing. […]