Trains and Tumbleweeds

I love high-speed rail.  I’ve been on high-speed trains in Europe, and now in China. It’s a great concept – on par with traveling by plane, except without the anxiety of flying. I wish the United States would stop being so stuck up about rail and just build it (think of the job creation!) Our […]


A Plum Bum

  “Oh…the way you eat!” Kate says to me. With her accent it’s difficult to tell what she means. We haven’t been walking through Jiezi Ancient town that long, and my hosts keep stopping at every food stall asking if I’m hungry. I’ve said yes once or twice, and now I’m holding two glutinous dumplings […]

A Tour and the Shanghai Skyline

Since I knew nothing about Shanghai, I decided to take a day tour around the city and see the sights. Though I believe in wandering about on your own, and I advocate discovery through exploration, I am not against taking a tour. Tours are wonderful tools for a traveler. I only had one full day […]

Living it Up

Happy Easter weekend, everyone! As part of my celebration, I cancelled classes on Good Friday and headed to Chengdu. No budget hotel for me this time – I booked a room at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Chengdu. By Chinese standards, this hotel is super luxury, like one rung below a Ritz-Carlton. The Ritz-Carlton is […]

Dujiangyan Day 3 – Clang

Day three is spent snacking and playing computer games on a terrace. I do a little work for school, eat some noodles, and veg. Vega is happy to play Minecraft all morning, though I cajole him into drawing a “thank you” cartoon on the whiteboard for the owner. I made significant headway in the brutal […]