Current Events

I won’t write about the election. I know this is the space to do so, but I don’t think my voice is going to tip any scale out there. There has been too much about it. Too much noise, too many opinions, too much grief, too much glee. And the instant backlash in too many […]


In the Interim

I got back from Japan. Then I lost a job. And so I applied for a job in Japan. I went to the Grand Canyon. Now I’m heading back overseas…to Japan. I’m not sure this is where I’m meant to be. I don’t think this is my final stop. But this blog will go back […]


A student I did not know entered the office today. “Hello,” I said, briefly looking up from my computer. “Hello,” she responded, looking like she wished she could talk to Bill. “What can I do for you?” I prompted. It turns out, she wanted me to be in her project. A student movie for class […]

To be Happy

Me: Hello! How are you today? Student 1: I am…happy. Me: That is good to hear. Hi! How are you? Student 2: I am happy. Me: You are also happy? Student 2: Shen ma?  (translation: What?) Me: You are also happy? She (gesture to student 1) is happy. I (gesture to me) am happy. You […]