Be afraid, Have fun

Quick update: I’ll be uploading several posts within the next few days. I got behind on posting, but I have been writing. Thus far, orientation appears to be 95%: If you do any of the following, you’ll be fired How to handle low motivation students who don’t want to be in class And 5%: Have […]


One Fork. One Spoon.

Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Instant Coffee When my family got stationed in Greece, I remember walking into our house on Kolokotroni Street, taking in the old amber lighting, the brown linoleum floor in the kitchen, and my small white twin bed, and feeling thoroughly overwhelmed. The pieces were there, but it […]

In the Interim

I got back from Japan. Then I lost a job. And so I applied for a job in Japan. I went to the Grand Canyon. Now I’m heading back overseas…to Japan. I’m not sure this is where I’m meant to be. I don’t think this is my final stop. But this blog will go back […]

When I met you I was but the Learner…

Happy Star Wars Day! Now, an unrelated story about teaching and learning: It’s a three day weekend, and I am being very, very lazy. I mean, I went running two days ago, and yesterday I wrote five decidedly decent pages of book while sitting at a tea house for four hours, but otherwise it’s been […]

To be Happy

Me: Hello! How are you today? Student 1: I am…happy. Me: That is good to hear. Hi! How are you? Student 2: I am happy. Me: You are also happy? Student 2: Shen ma?  (translation: What?) Me: You are also happy? She (gesture to student 1) is happy. I (gesture to me) am happy. You […]