Out of the Frying Pan…

I got a failed delivery notice from the Post Office. I get these a lot – I’m at work during normal delivery hours. So I went through the arduous process of rescheduling. By “arduous,” I mean scanning a QR code and translating the different boxes so I know which information to put where. I selected […]


So tell me…

I gave a big demo class today. We’re trying to sell our courses, and in order to do so we need audiences to come and sample. This was my first big class for Business Communication. I thought I did pretty well. I had them laughing when I wanted, and answering questions with minimal prompts. Then […]

Not really Shanghai’d

I was hoping to use the verb “shanghai” in this post, because I got stuck on a plane and wound up in one of those crazy travel situations. Unfortunately, I looked up the word first. Research has the sad characteristic of poking holes in what we wish we could say: To shanghai: 1. To kidnap […]