Belgium: Flight of Fancy

It’s been awhile since my last update. I did not write about the rest of my Mexico adventure. For this I am sorry – it was a wonderful time, and I realized that I have many reasons to be content with my life. It was powerful, but also awkward in a “well what do I […]

Je suis arrive a Paris!

It’s 8pm. My flight landed at 8am, and I’ve not slept. I’ve been super strong – like Captain America strong, holding back jet lag with my mighty shield of walking and drinking an occasional espresso. It’s 8pm and I’ve hit my wall. Easy going during my first day. I had to wait for Dad and […]


The best sleep is jet-lagged sleep, if you can hold out to where it’s time for bed. It’s the closest experience I have to sleeping “like the dead,” as the saying goes. On a normal night, I believe myself to be a light sleeper. But really, I have to insist everyone give jet-lagged exhaustion sleep […]