When I met you I was but the Learner…

Happy Star Wars Day! Now, an unrelated story about teaching and learning: It’s a three day weekend, and I am being very, very lazy. I mean, I went running two days ago, and yesterday I wrote five decidedly decent pages of book while sitting at a tea house for four hours, but otherwise it’s been […]



A student I did not know entered the office today. “Hello,” I said, briefly looking up from my computer. “Hello,” she responded, looking like she wished she could talk to Bill. “What can I do for you?” I prompted. It turns out, she wanted me to be in her project. A student movie for class […]

To be Happy

Me: Hello! How are you today? Student 1: I am…happy. Me: That is good to hear. Hi! How are you? Student 2: I am happy. Me: You are also happy? Student 2: Shen ma?  (translation: What?) Me: You are also happy? She (gesture to student 1) is happy. I (gesture to me) am happy. You […]