A Tour and the Shanghai Skyline

Since I knew nothing about Shanghai, I decided to take a day tour around the city and see the sights. Though I believe in wandering about on your own, and I advocate discovery through exploration, I am not against taking a tour. Tours are wonderful tools for a traveler. I only had one full day […]

Those 1000 words

One thousand words for one picture. Let me describe my afternoon tea. The platform zig-zags, so there are many corners to choose. I pick one which overlooks the water, and I sit so that I in front of me is a sheet of new green leaves overhanging from the tarp above me. It’s better to […]


OBE is an acronym – a military acronym which means “Overcome by Events.” It is used to describe a situation in which nothing has gone correctly, and there is no salvaging a plan. Today I was OBE. Interestingly enough, I also found the point at which I walk out of a situation. I’ve never walked […]

Panda Bear (Metaphorical)

Because I do theater, I accept that people will watch me. That’s actually the goal – to get an audience. But I also am used to my day to day activities going unnoticed. It’s not the case here. Here, everything I do in public is observed obviously. People stare at me when I walk down […]