Those 1000 words

One thousand words for one picture. Let me describe my afternoon tea. The platform zig-zags, so there are many corners to choose. I pick one which overlooks the water, and I sit so that I in front of me is a sheet of new green leaves overhanging from the tarp above me. It’s better to […]


Currency rates for the rmb currently stand at 6.2 to 1. So 100 rmb is roughly 16usd What can you do in WenJiang for 100rmb, apart from eat? I present two options, if you had to choose: 1: You can go see a movie. I finally found out how to get into the movie theater! […]

Hot Pot!

The Sichuan specialty cooking style is called “hot pot.” Have you ever had fondue? Maybe visited the Melting Pot at some point? Hot pot is essentially fondue, except instead of cheese or chocolate, you’re given a broth mixed with chili oil, chiles, and other spices. Chili oil seems to go into most dishes here unless […]

The Perfume Road: Part 2

Just got out of the shower to knocking at my door. I don’t know how to say “busy” in Chinese, but looking through the peephole I see the two housekeepers. Since I can’t say “busy” I figure that if they see I’m still in a towel and clearly not ready for conversation they’ll give me […]

The Perfume Road

My call to Dad drops at the same instant there’s a knock at the door. Two of the housekeepers stood there, all smiles. I wondered what I did wrong, or what they did if anything. Perhaps they wanted to apologize for waking me up that morning? No, that wasn’t it. They entered the doorway, and […]