Let’s Settle This – American Playstation in China

This is my PlayStation 3. It is an American PS3. I brought it to China. Notice, it is plugged into the wall with only an adapter. The transformer I brought for the sole purpose of protecting my PS3 sits to the side. I did a lot of research on this – I looked at ask.com, […]



Currency rates for the rmb currently stand at 6.2 to 1. So 100 rmb is roughly 16usd What can you do in WenJiang for 100rmb, apart from eat? I present two options, if you had to choose: 1: You can go see a movie. I finally found out how to get into the movie theater! […]


OBE is an acronym – a military acronym which means “Overcome by Events.” It is used to describe a situation in which nothing has gone correctly, and there is no salvaging a plan. Today I was OBE. Interestingly enough, I also found the point at which I walk out of a situation. I’ve never walked […]

One Ugly Snack

Of all the fish to put on a bag of fish flavored chips – why the one that looks like a shaved dog with an eye fried out of its socket? I wanted to buy them and try them for you, my good readers, but at the time I just couldn’t justify it. I mean […]

Dujiangyan Day 3 – Clang

Day three is spent snacking and playing computer games on a terrace. I do a little work for school, eat some noodles, and veg. Vega is happy to play Minecraft all morning, though I cajole him into drawing a “thank you” cartoon on the whiteboard for the owner. I made significant headway in the brutal […]