It’s Getting Dark…

Close all your eyes?… I’ve seen this game, and its sister “You Dare to Play?!” in several locations in Wenjiang and Chengdu. I poke the box around a little, straighten it on the shelf, and contemplate. I am a gamer, board and video. Don’t I have an obligation to find out what is so deadly […]


Feeling Literary

I was standing in a sort of courtyard. A plain, ordinary courtyard filled with ordinary things: a car, a tree, a bike. People shuffled around the street and sparrows hopped from crumb to crumb. And in that ordinary moment, I remembered some Tennyson: “I am part of all that I have met / Yet all […]

A Plum Bum

  “Oh…the way you eat!” Kate says to me. With her accent it’s difficult to tell what she means. We haven’t been walking through Jiezi Ancient town that long, and my hosts keep stopping at every food stall asking if I’m hungry. I’ve said yes once or twice, and now I’m holding two glutinous dumplings […]


As you’ll recall, I broke the internet last weekend. For clarity: I reset the router and didn’t know the school’s static IP. Once it was fixed, I merrily went on the internet. I’d like to discuss the internet…I’m going to say problem…here in China. For me, this problem is twofold. The first part of the […]

Net Loss

This is my bed:   Nice, right? Note the netting – a new addition! I put up the mosquito netting because I kept waking up between 3 and 4am with painful hands. The mosquitoes would bite me on the knuckles while I slept – always on the knuckles. I don’t know a lot about mosquitoes […]