It’s Getting Dark…

It's Getting Dark...

Close all your eyes?…

I’ve seen this game, and its sister “You Dare to Play?!” in several locations in Wenjiang and Chengdu. I poke the box around a little, straighten it on the shelf, and contemplate. I am a gamer, board and video. Don’t I have an obligation to find out what is so deadly about “Kill Game?” The cynic in me says that it’s just going to be a lame figurine inside holding a knife, or some sort of collectable toy game meant for boys with money. Or is this a black-humored stocking stuffer type thing? You wrap it in foil with the M&M candy cane and bridge your fingers in sadistic glee…

The superstitious part of me says it can’t be good luck to buy such an…abruptly titled game. I stare at those emotionless white dots and feel a little uneasy. The goal of most games is to win at the expense of other players. This box suggests that the person buying the game is in for a spring loaded mustard gas trap when they get home.

Wouldn’t that be awful? You open the box and it does try to murder you? Gotta say, that would -kill- the replay value….


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