Back from Hiatus

Alright! So I guess the point of travel/moxie blog is that I keep track and write of all the places I’ve been. But I forgot in the goings and doings, so I’ll be writing some more reflective pieces here. I’ve been out to the west coast, and out into the snow of my backyard. I […]

Paris: Under the Bones of the City

The Catacombs. In all my previous trips to Paris, I’ve never been to the catacombs. They run all over the city, though there is only one tourist sanctioned section – home to the bones of old graveyards. The bones did not start here – they were moved because all the city graveyards were overflowing and […]

Can’t (?) Stop the Signal

It has come to my attention that my posts have not actually been posted as of late. Checking my dashboard, I confirmed that while I’m hitting “Publish,” the connectivity issue appears to be conflicting with the actual publishing of my posts. I’ll start republishing them. Sorry for the big gap.


Lily sent me too much fruit. Again. She’s ordered two of my students to come and make me lunch, which they do obediently. Part of me does not care for this – they’re my students, not my servants. And shouldn’t they be in class? It’s so hard to tell here. Some students “finish” their tests […]