Rules of Gion

No smoking No eating or drinking No littering No selfies And most important: NO BOTHERING THE GEISHAS   I didn’t see a single Geisha, by day or by night. I finagled B. to go the Gion district twice because I really hoped to see a Geisha. No such luck – but I did see this […]

Shaking Dust

And so it was I shook the dust from my feet, took off, and crossed another ocean. I randomly agreed to be B’s bucket list travel buddy, as Japan is his 30th birthday present to himself. I’m paying it forward in a way. Just as I asked people to accompany me on my dream trip, […]

Haven’t Forgotten

I’m working in Purgatory. Purgatory, in case you were wondering, is beige. It’s beige and there is no art on the walls. There is, however, a camera that watches how often you get up from your desk, measures the time of your stretches, and calculates how long it takes for you to use the restroom. […]

Not forgotten

I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve made a mistake and now work in a writer’s sweatshop. It’s hard to find time to think for oneself, let alone write it down. I’ll do better. I should also write this on my other blog…and my journal is suffering too. We make miscalculations. Mine has been going on for […]