Odd, being here

I haven’t written here in almost two years. This is odd, since I’ve traveled plenty. I currently live in West Africa, yet I haven’t put any of my recommendations or thoughts here for my small membership. In part, it’s because there are so many travel blogs out there, with better filters than mine. I see […]

Paris: Under the Bones of the City

The Catacombs. In all my previous trips to Paris, I’ve never been to the catacombs. They run all over the city, though there is only one tourist sanctioned section – home to the bones of old graveyards. The bones did not start here – they were moved because all the city graveyards were overflowing and […]

Oops, I broke it

I broke the internet at my office. How? I reset the router because I was having difficulty connecting to the internet over several days. Little did I know that the router used a static IP address as opposed to a dynamic one, and so there would be no connecting to the internet until the teenage […]

A Birthday

This is the…fifth…attempt I’ve made at writing my birthday reflections. #1 was all about me chronologically. It was boring. (Summary: Hey all! I tried to get a small “cake” but forgot my phrasebook! Translation nightmare!) Lesson learned: Sometimes I hide behind the events so I don’t have to actually reflect. #2 was me trying to […]