Oops, I broke it

I broke the internet at my office. How? I reset the router because I was having difficulty connecting to the internet over several days. Little did I know that the router used a static IP address as opposed to a dynamic one, and so there would be no connecting to the internet until the teenage techie for the school showed up and input the IP address needed.

I’m sure if Sondheim were writing it….

A weekend, disconnected

How oppressive! How disturbingly slow!

A weekend, disconnected

Since I have nowhere to go

Not the mountains, not the city

Just my dorm room and the rain

Might go running in self-pity

Geez, internal reflection is really a pain

Spend a weekend disconnected

Sit reflective till my eyes have gone cross

A weekend disconnected


I guess it’s not really a loss!


No offense, internet. But I was able to go over forty-eight hours without the world at my fingertips. I wrote my stories, listened to music. I rode my scooter and played video games.

Ultimately, my biggest concern was the gap in my blog posts.

I have come to the conclusion that there is little to worry about over a weekend alone. I used to get that antsy feeling when I didn’t check my mail everyday. But when I come back, inevitably there are few pressing matters which need me. Even Facebook – that bastion of interconnectedness – doesn’t grip me by the wrist anymore. I log on, make sure I haven’t missed birthdays and such, and take note of how everything moved along fine without me.  A true metaphor for life and death, hmm?

Alright, more China to follow!



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