Odd, being here

I haven’t written here in almost two years.

This is odd, since I’ve traveled plenty. I currently live in West Africa, yet I haven’t put any of my recommendations or thoughts here for my small membership.

In part, it’s because there are so many travel blogs out there, with better filters than mine. I see them pop up on my feed all the time, with better taglines, or better angles (doing more with less, having a cute dog who does cute things). They’re joyful and vapid and I don’t have that carefree tone anymore. I have worries now, concrete ones that can’t be waved away.

I’m not confident I want to be a warrior for change, throwing my high and mighty thoughts into the turbulent mix that is being a warrior online these days.

I’m not convinced being a warrior online means anything.

So where does that leave me? A gal with moxie – that’s what that Vegas recruiter said when I strode into his office with my resume and almost no experience. Now I have experience. Do I still have moxie…?

I don’t want to stop writing here. I like my little pocket of a travel blog. I suppose reinvention might be necessary. Keep the travel, add other spices. See what takes. See what inspires me.

One thing is for certain – I’ve got to get back to writing.

Would you like to hear about West Africa…?


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