General Notice

All right, everyone, this is a little important as it impacts this blog directly.

China’s firewall won’t let me access social media or my blog postings – not here at WordPress, not at my other blogs on blogspot. No Facebook, no Twitter, nothing. I don’t know why I believed anyone who said that my US machine would not fall victim to censorship, but I did. I blithely told everyone that I’d talk to them regularly via all the usual channels.

Nope. I have been silenced by this Great Firewall, and until I find a bypass it’s going to be four months of mental snarling on my part.

Ok, here’s how this is going down – I am going to send posts to my sister, who will in turn post them here. Many thanks to Rachel for being helpful. The downside to this is if I make any mistakes in grammar, spelling, or tone I won’t be able to fix them. I won’t be able to see your comments of praise or mockery, and I won’t be able to respond.

So it goes.

Alright, now if you’ll excuse me, I think the fireworks store across the street is exploding and I want to check it out. You may hear about it in several days.


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